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Vision and Mission of Telkom University

Become a research and entrepreneurial university in 2023, which plays an active role in the development of information technology-based technology, science, and art

Best Private University

Telkom University won the title as the best Private University (PTS) no 1 from the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia in 2019. Based on the assessment indicators provided by the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education, Telkom University is the most prominent in terms of the process of the number of study program (Study Program), 70% of study programs at Tel U are accredited A and 59% of them are internationally accredited

  • Organizing and developing international standard education based on information technology.

  • Develop, disseminate and apply internationally recognized technologies, sciences and arts.

  • Utilizing technology, science, and art for the welfare and progress of the nation's civilization through the development of entrepreneurial competencies.

Accreditation A

Become a Research and Entrepreneurial University in 2023, which actively involves the development of technology, science and art based on information technology

  • Achieving trust from all stakeholders.

  • Produce graduates who have global competitiveness.

  • The creation of a multidisciplinary research culture and an international standard cross-cultural academic atmosphere

  • Producing innovative products that are useful in improving the quality of life of the community and supporting national economic development through the development of an entrepreneurial culture.

Standalone Cluster

Telkom University is again ranked best from the Ministry of Research and Technology / National Research and Innovation Agency (Research and Technology / BRIN), where Telkom University has been included in the Independent Cluster (Highest) for Research Performance of the Ministry of Research and Technology. Telkom University succeeded in improving the quality of its research so that it could rise from the main cluster to an independent cluster in the 2016-2018 assessment period.

Tel-U's winning cultural practice is HEI which also acts as a key to institutional cultural behavior at Telkom University. HEI is a noble value that stands for harmony, excellence, and integrity


Telkom University again received the 2019 Widyapadhi Science and Technology Award, for the Innovation Management subcategory. Of the 570 universities that participated, Tel-U managed to rank 2nd after Hasanuddin University was ranked first followed by Padjadjaran University in 3rd place. Tel-U is the only private university selected as the university with the best innovation (management, startup company products and the best spin off) for the Innovation Management sub-category by the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Kemenristekdikti).

Commitment based on the principles of trust, togetherness, cooperation, mutual respect for differences, harmony and the desire to perform actions that bring good to oneself and others.

Community Service is Very Good

As a university that upholds its Tri Dharma, namely Education, Research and Community Service, in the field of community service, based on the ranking given by the Ministry of Research and Technology that Telkom University succeeded in occupying a very good title in the ranking of universities based on community service performance for the 2016-2019 period.

Ability to use knowledge, skills, and attitudes in completing every job and task of the highest quality for oneself and the environment.

UI Green Metric

Telkom University won the green campus title from the UI Green Metric ranking, in this ranking UI announced the 10 best universities in Indonesia in the UI Green Metric World Ranking 2019, and Tel-U managed to rank 9th nationally and ranked 135th in the world. This green campus assessment component is seen based on Setting And Infrastructure, Energy And Climate Change, Waste, Water, Transportation, & Education.

Always maintain one's attitude following applicable norms and ethics by maintaining good relations with others, honest, trustworthy, independent, making promises, obeying, and upholding the truth.